Exclusive with A B de Villiers: South Africa indicate interest to move their home stadium to the VCA Stadium (Nagpur) after World cup semifinal loss

Rain rain go away: A B de Villiers looks a disappointed man after losing the semifinal match against New Zealand.  Image source: 1

Rain rain go away: A B de Villiers looks a disappointed man after losing the semifinal match against New Zealand. Image source: 1

After the heartbreaking loss to New Zealand 48 hours earlier, Cricket South Africa has swiftly moved to contact the BCCI to relocate their future matches to Nagpur. Many major developments are expected in the coming days. Aspiring journalist paajivspunter caught the South African captain, A B de Villiers, on his way back. Here are the excerpts of the exclusive interview.

PVP: Hello AB, hard luck at the World Cup- It was a great tournament for you personally but the team cho.. (rapidly corrects self) did not reach expected heights?

ABD: It was a great game yesterday and New Zealand were the better team. I have no qualms that we lost to them. This time, we didn’t choke.

PVP: Are you happy that you got rid of the chokers’ tag this time? I heard you guys spoke to Mike Horn and I was favouring you to win the tournament looking at his track record.

ABD: We did everything we could do to win this time. We don’t want to toot our own Horn, but we listened to him intently. We got a bad performance out of the way against Pakistan so that we don’t peak early. We even went to the extent of dropping Wayne Parnell based on an old interview about his idols! Looking at his match performance, we were worried he was taking his admiration too far.  Alas, all this didn’t work out finally…

PVP: What is your next move AB? What does the future hold in store for your team?

ABD: We’re very irritated with the rain, obviously. We’ve decided that from now on, we are going to play all our matches at Vidharbha where dry cleaning is the rage. We were also considering Gujarat since it is a dry state but Vidharbha is a better bet. We won our match against India in 2011 there. What does not work for an Indian farmer will surely work for us. Plus, Imran is bowling well and he’ll be looking forward to a dustbowl!

PVP: Do you think the BCCI will agree considering the Haroon Lorgat history?

ABD: We have a special bond with BCCI- I’m sure we can work things out. India played us first during our readmission. If we could host the IPL at South Africa, Nagpur can definitely host us. Plus, the ground not been utilized since a couple of years and it makes sense that we move over there.

PVP: Do you think moving to India will be a natural fit?

ABD: Of course. Hashim does not have to advertise liquor there but he can endorse music CDs instead. Plus, think of the PR win-win if Amla plays for an IPL team and is the face of an Ayurvedic product like hair oil or Chyawanprash– both the Government and the media will be happy at the outcome!

PVP: That you AB for this exclusive and I wonder where you get such out of the box ideas both on and off the ground. Good night!

Disclaimer: Almost all punchlines were taken from @paajivspunter. The images used are not property of this blog. The copyright, if any, rests with the respective owners. All lines written are fictional with the intention of humour only and should be taken with a large dose of salt.


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