Links: India cricket roundup

  1. The big news this weekend has to be about the BCCI (no, not the Supreme court saga) – it has finally warmed up to the new and improved Decision Review System (DRS). The DRS will be in place for the upcoming India-England series. Although, it has been prefaced with a “trial basis” phrase. The review of the DRS seems enough recursion to keep a computer scientist happy. Estsentially, BCCI was tickled enough with the improved ball tracking system and has bitten the bullet. Aggers at BBC seems to be worried about it though; given DRS’ tilt towards the LBW and no Graeme Swann, looks like the shoe is on the other boot.
  2. The Supreme court has hit the BCCI where it hurts and delivered a metaphorical low-blow by clipping its financial wings. The BCCI seems to have found its match in the Supreme court and this latest ruling has found its mark; the upcoming IPL bids have been postponed. This is not going to end easily.
  3. The tour dates for Australia’s tour to India are out and three new stadiums (Pune, Ranchi and Dharamshala) are set to make their debuts as test venues. The new venues are a bonus as the metro cities tend to be jaded with the IPL eating into cricket watching dates in the stadium. What is bizarre is that  Australia play a test in India only a day after a T20 in Australia. This is especially reminiscent of two Indian squads being selected for overlapping tournaments (the 1998 Commonwealth games in Malaysia and the Sahara cup in Toronto). Ajay Jadeja and Sachin Tendulkar racked up some serious air miles to play in the latter tournament after they were knocked out in Malaysia.



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