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“Looking at an avalanche of failures from ponting since 2008, it looks like we cant be as critical of paaji‘s performances that didnt carry his limp team to victory through the ages.
Paaji has been smashing last 2 years and it very much seems like a strong team makes a very good batsman perform to their fullest.

Looking through the ages, George Headley (aka black bradman) of the pre WW II days seems to have been much more of a legend given his heroics with a limp side. Do check his stats and also the averages of his contemporaries. WI didnt even have an azhar or jadeja or sidhu or even a manjrekar equivalent back then.”

PaajivsPunter is a cricket blog. The genesis of the name is from the subject line of an email between a few Indian cricket followers in December 2010, in the midst of Tendulkar’s second wind. For the generation that grew up watching  Tendulkar’s exploits through the 90s, his batting was the rite of passage and port of call for a lifetime of cricket watching. Every Tendulkar fan is vexed by the prospect of his/her hero not being called as a clutch player. Sachin would invariably be compared to his contemporaries. Ponting, a.k.a Punter was the nearest frame of reference considering that he was the lynchpin of the Australian side that embodied cricketing success for more than a decade that India coveted. In the high noon of Ponting’s career during the mid-noughties that saw him pile on the runs in record time, he was engaged in a run chase to the Test batting summit along with Tendulkar, Kallis and Dravid. The email is a snapshot from the time when Tendulkar firmly moved away from the chasing pack (including Ponting) to cement his place at the top of the run scoring records.

The last of the quartet retired in December 2013, a full 3 years after the mail thread was started. What we’re left with today is 6000+ emails and 3 more members involved in the thread. The blog is a culmination of ruminated thoughts and countless debates straddling three continents and five time zones over 6+ years.



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